Frequently Asked Questions for Volunteers

FAQ for Volunteers2017-07-01T16:38:40-04:00
How many hours do I have to commit per week?2017-07-01T17:41:30-04:00

The hourly commitment varies for each position. For tutoring, the minimum commitment is 1 hour per week. For team position, the minimum commitment is 2 hours per week. And events volunteers should be available for the duration of events when they occur throughout the year.

Can I volunteer for more than one position?2017-07-01T17:40:34-04:00

Yes! We definitely encourage all of our volunteers to broaden their horizons and join as many activities as they would like, whether it be tutoring, management, events, or fundraisers!

Can we take vacations?2017-07-01T17:39:42-04:00

Of course! You are more than welcome to take time off in case you, as the volunteer, have exams or other commitments. However, if you will be leaving for more than 4 weeks, we ask that you request a leave of absence by contacting our team.

Do I need to wear a uniform?2017-07-01T17:38:34-04:00

You will be required to wear a volunteer uniform for all TBB-associated events and activities. Volunteers participating in our tutoring program will be required to purchase a TBB T-shirt Uniform and Lanyard (together called the TBB Uniform Package), while other volunteers have the option of purchasing or renting shirts as required for events.

The cost of a TBB Uniform Package is $20. However, if you let us keep the original copy of your Police Records Check, we will give you a $10 discount on this package.

Where do lessons take place?2017-07-01T17:34:22-04:00

Tutoring lessons must take place in public locations. Typical locations include university libraries and rooms, public libraries, cafes, etc.

Can I pick where I get to tutor?2017-07-01T17:33:16-04:00

Yes, as long as it is a public location. When you first meeting your student at the Match-Up Meeting, you’ll have an opportunity to negotiate where you want the tutoring lessons to occur. At the end of the day, you, as the volunteer tutor, are providing your services for free and will get the final say as to where the lessons will take place.

Do I get to pick my student?2017-07-01T17:31:49-04:00

Yes and no. TBB provides match-up services between a student and their tutor. We would first let you know that a student needs help in Subject X and is in Grade Y. If you are comfortable with the grade level of that subject, you would agree to meet the student at the Match-Up Meeting. Once we have arranged a meeting with the student, you would have a second chance to see whether you are comfortable with the student himself/herself. If you are comfortable, you may proceed in setting up a tutoring location and time with your new student. If you are not comfortable, you would have a chance to let the TBB team member presiding over the meeting know about your reservations.

What kind of grades do I need to tutor in a subject?2017-07-01T17:28:17-04:00

We usually go with a benchmark of at least 70-80% in the subject you wish to teach. It is difficult to provide a number as different levels of university courses and various course difficulties will affect your mark. However, if you have a solid track record of achieving good marks in your desired subject, do not worry too much!

Do I have to provide my entire academic transcript?2017-07-01T17:26:41-04:00

Yes. A copy of your entire academic transcript will be required. However, only relevant grades will be accounted for. For example, if you want to teach Chemistry, only your Chemistry grades will be looked at.

Do I have to record my hours?2017-07-01T17:25:02-04:00

Yes. It is a requirement for all of our volunteers to record their hours. It is the only way for TBB to keep track of our lessons, and to provided statistics on our community impact and contributions.

When can I request a reference letter?2017-07-01T17:24:10-04:00

All volunteers can request a reference letter after they have volunteered for at least one academic term, or 4 months. However, please note that the quality of reference letters will reflect not only your performance, but the length of time you have been a part of our team.

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