If you’re here, that means that you have looked at our volunteer opportunities and are ready to apply for a volunteer position. First of all, thank you! We appreciate your interest and support for Tutoring Beyond Borders.

No matter which position you apply for, our application process is the same (click on the + sign to open the toggles):

We offer many types of positions at Tutoring Beyond Borders. Pick the one you like, and prepare an application for that position. You are more than welcome to apply for more than one position.

When you are ready to apply, click on the “Start Application” button below to start your volunteer application.

Please note that a resume is required for all positions. Academic transcripts for relevant courses are required for tutoring positions.

After we screen your application, successful applicants will be contacted by the Executive Team to arrange for a casual, informal interview.

Once a decision is made, the Executive Team will contact you regarding an offer of a volunteer position. If you do not have a Police Records Check, a Volunteer Intent letter will be given to you to apply for a PRC.

It is mandatory that each of our volunteers provide us with a Police Records Check for the Vulnerable Sector. It is suggested that you apply for a PRC immediately after a successful interview if you want to start soon; instructions to apply online or in person are provided on our PRC Application page. Since the PRC costs $10, a $10 discount will be applied for tutors who are required to purchase our TBB Uniform Package.