Tutoring Beyond Borders has a unique tutoring program that is offered to students free of charge. Because of this, and because of various issues that have taken place since 2010, we had no choice but to create program rules and regulations that apply to our students, our volunteers, or both.

As with any service, policies are formulated to govern all phases of operation from simple administrative details to disciplinary actions and consequences of inappropriate behaviour. Therefore, it is important to read our policies carefully so that you are aware of your commitments and rights.

It is also important to note that TBB reserves to right to dismiss both students and tutors should they not follow our policies, and that exceptions may be made to some of the rules under specific circumstances by the Executive Team.

If you have any questions, you can call us at 519-577-4822 or email us at execs@tutoring-beyond-borders.com

Last Updated: July 1, 2017

These general policies apply to all of TBB’s tutoring lessons and most importantly, they apply to both the student and tutor. These rules are enforced at all times without exception, unless stated otherwise. Failure to comply with any one of these rules will result in the termination of lessons for the student and possible dismissal of the tutor.

  • All tutoring must take place in public locations, no exceptions. A tutoring location is typically chosen during the Match-Up Meeting, with an Executive Team member presiding. Tutoring in private homes or unapproved locations is strictly prohibited.
  • Each accepted student is entitled to 1 tutor teaching them 1 subject for 1 hour per week. We like to keep things fair at TBB. Each student receives the same amount of tutoring time per week from one designated tutor, no exceptions. Requests for additional time, subjects, or tutors will be rejected immediately.
  • All personal information collected must be kept confidential. Divulging personal information that comes into your possession as a student or tutor is strictly prohibited and deemed as a criminal offense.
  • You are flagged as a “no show” if you are either (a) over 15 minutes late to the lesson without valid reason, or (b) do not provide at least 12 hours notice for cancelled lessons. Whether you are a student or a tutor, it is respectful to stay in touch with each other. Please report any occurrences of (a) or (b) to the Executive immediately, and we will be in touch with your student or tutor to follow-up and see whether a permanent “no show” will be placed in their file.
  • Every student and tutor is allowed a maximum of 3 no-shows before termination. If you are consistent in not showing up to lessons or wasting someone else’s time, then TBB reserves the right to terminate our services (for the student) or release you from your duties (for the tutor).
  • Every student is allowed a maximum of 2 Match Up Meeting opportunities. If you (the student) miss your scheduled Match-Up Meeting without a valid reason, you are entitled to one more chance. If you do not show up the second time, we will remove you from our student list permanently.
  • If a student requests a tutor change, they will be placed back on the list to wait for the next available tutor. If you would like a new tutor, another application will need to be sent in and your new application will be placed in queue to be processed.
  • Volunteers and tutors are not allowed to accept monetary gifts. Since TBB is a charitable organization and our services are provided for free, students and parents sometimes may want to give their tutors gifts. TBB tutors and volunteers are prohibited from receiving monetary gifts.
  • Both students and tutors must update the Executive Team on any changes to their tutoring lessons. If a student or a tutor decides to leave or if the lessons end, it is your duty to let the Executive Team know about such changes so we can take the necessary steps to move forward.
  • Every student must sign the Student Consent Form (Waiver of Release & Liability) each time they are matched with a new tutor. This form can be downloaded here, and must be signed either during the Match-Up Meeting or before lessons begin.
  • Each student is limited to a maximum of 1 hour of tutoring with 1 tutor for 1 subject every week. Requests for additional tutors and hours will not be approved to promote equality between all students.
  • Each student must come prepared to each tutoring lesson. Bring studying materials, homework, and specific questions for your tutor. A student is not allowed to ask a tutor to do their homework; the tutor is there to help you learn the concepts you have difficulties understanding.
  • Students must cancel a lesson no later than 12 hours before it takes place; exceptions are made for emergencies. If the student knows ahead of time that they do not want a lesson, they must contact the tutor or the Executive Team to cancel it. Rescheduling can be arranged with the student’s tutor, but not guaranteed.
  • Students must show regular attendance to stay in TBB’s free tutoring program. Our services are in high demand, and should a student either (a) skip lessons, (b) regularly cancel lessons or (c) not take tutoring seriously during a lesson, TBB reserves the right to review their status in our program and determine whether a dismissal is warranted.
  • Students must arrange for transportation themselves; tutors are not obligated to wait for parents to pick them up. It is the student’s or their parents’/guardians’ responsibilities to arrive on time or arrange appropriate transportation at the end of each tutoring session to pick up the student. TBB will not be responsible for the student’s safety.
  • Undesirable student attitudes, manners and actions during any TBB activity will not be tolerated. Be respectful, follow any regulations put forth by the venue you are being tutored in, and follow our TBB policies and regulations. TBB reserves the right to dismiss students based on undesirable behaviour.
  • Every tutor is committed to helping at least 1 student for 1 hour per week in 1 subject. Details regarding lessons will be discussed and agreed upon during the Match-Up Meeting.
  • Each tutor must sign the Volunteer Tutor Consent Form prior to beginning tutoring lessons. A copy of the form is available here to download.
  • Each tutor must wait for their students for at least 15 minutes before reporting a no-show; the tutor can leave if the student does not show up during these 15 minutes. It is important to keep TBB updated on any late or missing students so that the Executive Team can follow up.
  • Each tutor and volunteer is required to record their hours through TBB’s website. This is the only way TBB can keep track of your contributions to the organization.
  • Tutors must cancel a lesson 12 hours in advance with their student; rescheduling is optional. Exceptions are made for cases of emergencies.
  • If a tutor wishes to take a leave of absence, the Executive Team must be informed. Temporary leaves of absences are leaves that last longer than 1 month; the tutor will be placed back on a roster until they return.
  • Each tutor is expected to purchase a TBB Gear Package prior to starting tutoring lessons. The TBB Gear Package comes with a TBB T-shirt uniform as well as a lanyard. The cost is $20, but should you provide us with the original copy of your Police Records Check, a 50% discount will be applied so that you only pay $10 for the shirt and lanyard. They are yours to keep, even if you leave TBB.
  • Undesirable and inappropriate behaviour with students will result in a tutor’s termination. Each tutor is expected to follow TBB policies, act responsibly, and be respectful.