My oldest has been with TBB for over two years. My youngest started in the Fall of 2016. The tutors we have had for both kids were very professional, helpful, and friendly which helps them to learn better. There has been definite improvement in my son’s grades going from mid-50’s to high 60’s and his understanding of the subject is much better. My daughter has also improved in the specific area that she was struggling in.

Ann, Parent

Dhruv has been my tutor for almost the whole semester and whether I’m talking about his personality or his teaching, I think he is great. He has taught me so much this year and has gotten me through all of the issues I have in calculus. All in all, I couldn’t ask for a more friendly or helpful tutor so thank you for getting me this teacher.

Mahamoud, Student

Our tutor has been an inspiration for my daughter’s learning and has given her newfound confidence in her abilities to approach her math with much more clarity.

Anonymous, Parent

In January, I was looking with my parents for a tutor. Not being able to afford the prices people were asking, I thought that I had hit a wall. My mom stumbled upon an ad for TBB. I started with TBB in the early part of [2011] as I needed help with Grade 11 IB math. When I finally got matched up with my tutor Brenda, I was relieved. She was very relaxed and easy-going and made me feel like she cared about me as a person, and not just a job. Not only could I have not completed my math course without her, but I have made a friend. I highly recommend TBB for anyone hesitant on seeking out the help with school that they need. Thank you TBB for your invaluable service.

Chantel-Marie, Student

My experience with Tutoring Beyond Borders was amazing! I was so prepared for my exams because of the extra help that I got at TBB. My tutors were relatable and fun and I learned a lot. They provided me with different explanations that my teachers had given, and this helped my understanding of the concepts a lot!

Michaela, Student

My kids (Gr. 7 and Gr. 3) are getting tutored once a week by TBB. They are very happy with their tutoring style and teaching capabilities. Now they can solve most math questions.

M. Haque, Parent