If you’ve come to this page, that means that you are ready to fill out an application to request a tutor for help in a subject that you are struggling with. At TBB’s we try and get every eligible student matched up as quickly as possible, but please be aware that we can get quite busy sometimes and a tutor may not be available right away.

Before you start your student application, here are a few important notes to be aware of:

  • Please review our tutoring policies – we take tutoring lessons seriously, and we take steps to ensuring both the student and the tutor are treated fairly
  • Priority will be given to students who are unable to afford regular, paid tutoring services. There is a section in this form that allows you, the applicant, to provide additional information about your circumstances and how you would benefit from our free tutoring services.
    • Applicants who are classified as “at risk” will receive priority is receiving a tutor
    • Applicants who are classified otherwise will be placed on a waiting list until such a time when all “at risk” students are matched up
  • Both new and returning TBB students must fill out this application form each time they request a new tutor:
    • Returning students are required to provide feedback on their experience with their previous tutor to help TBB collect statistics and improve our services
  • Make sure all your information is accurate, especially your contact information!

Feel free to contact 519-577-4822 or students@tutoring-beyond-borders.com for updates on the status of your application

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