Frequently Asked Questions for Students

FAQ for Students2018-01-08T03:14:53-05:00
Can I have more than one tutor?2017-07-01T16:41:08-04:00

No. TBB tries to be fair to everyone, and the only we can do that is by limiting the number of subjects and tutors we provide each student. That means one student is matched with one tutor in one subject.

Are tutoring services really free?2017-07-01T16:32:46-04:00

Yes, our tutoring services are 100% free. This means that students will not be charged for tutoring lessons. However…since it is free…donations are always welcome to help support us!

Where does tutoring take place?2017-07-01T16:33:06-04:00

Tutoring must take place in public locations. For example, public libraries, coffee shops, local schools, etc. The volunteer tutors get preference in choosing a tutoring location as they are the ones providing the free service. Tutoring location is decided upon during the Match-Up Meeting.

What’s the Match-Up Meeting?2017-07-01T16:33:11-04:00

TBB’s Match-Up Meeting is a quick, 15-20 minute meeting between a student and his/her new volunteer tutor.

This meeting takes place in a public location, to be decided upon prior to the meeting, and is an opportunity for the student to meet and familiarize themselves with their tutor prior to the start of lessons. A member of TBB’s management team will be present for the meeting to make sure consent forms are signed, that both the student and tutor are comfortable moving forward with lessons, and to ensure that a proper tutoring location is chosen.

Parent(s) and/or guardian(s) must be present for the Match-Up Meeting and to sign the consent forms if the student is under the age of majority (< 18 years old).

How qualifications do TBB tutors have?2017-07-01T16:36:01-04:00

TBB operates just like your typical paid tutoring company – minus the fees, of course! We screen all of our tutors carefully and require them all to provide academic transcripts and grades for the courses/subjects they wish to tutor in. Our tutors must be university/college students or graduates and show a history of academic excellence in their studies. They must also pass an interview and provide a valid Police Records Check for Service in the Vulnerable Sector.

How long can I have my tutor for?2017-07-01T17:03:38-04:00

For as long as you or the tutor are available and wish to continue lessons.

Typically, tutoring lessons last for one university term with the same tutor. Since our tutors are university/college students, their terms run from January-April, May-August, and September-December. That means that if you are matched up with a tutor in the Fall term (Sept-Dec), that same tutor may not be available in the Winter term (Jan-Apr). In some cases, tutors are still available and can continue with the same student.

If in case your tutor is no longer available or you wish to stop your lessons, please contact us immediately.

How does TBB support herself?2017-07-01T16:39:49-04:00

Tutoring Beyond Borders operates on donations, sponsorships, and fundraisers. We have community partners that provide us with free tutoring space, and our main sources of revenue are from donations, sponsors, and possible fundraising activities.

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